Top Tips For Your Dream Home

Moving in to your new home is one of the most exciting times in your life.  The fun part is of course putting your own stamp on your property.  Regardless of the size of the property or its location, you can use your creativity and design to create something truly unique which represents your character.  After all, who wants to be ordinary?  So if you are in the mood to take on a bigger project and are looking to renovate your home, then why not check out our top tips.  Who knows, in no time at all you could have a beautiful home just like some of those featured in our article!

Update your kitchen
The kitchen is the hub of all activity in any home, and is also one that can be given an effective makeover for only a modest outlay. If your units are in good condition then why not consider adding new doors, handles and worktops?



Let the Light In

Windows can be a great statement piece to your home. Not only do they add light, and character, they can make your room look bigger than it is. Glass partitions within the home can also act as dividers between rooms without losing valuable light.



Extend Upwards

If your house is lacking outdoor space and you are not able to extend outwards, then why not opt for a loft conversion? There’s something very secretive and cosy about a loft conversion, and there are some great examples online. It’s an effective way of maximising your space.



Experiment with Different Shapes

Windows and doors have to be rectangular…or do they? Some of the best renovations have mixed period features such as arches with modern decoration. They will be a real talking point and can give your home a Mediterranean feel.


Of course these are just a few suggestions but you need to make sure you are happy with all the decisions being made because this is YOUR dream home!



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