Spa Day High Above London

Lighthouses used to be the beacon of cities around the world. Now there are buildings that tower above city scapes and there’s one right in the heart of London that can see over 26 miles away. And unlike any lighthouse we’ve come across, you can stay in a 5 star hotel and be pampered on day and night. We took a trip all the up to level 52 of The Shard to see what the view was like, and more importantly, what having a spa up so high is like.



Standing tall at roughly 310 metres high (over 1,000 feet) the shard is arguably one of the biggest lighthouses in the world. It is roughly the size of 8 football pitches when you get the measuring tape out it is an imposing structure that houses everything from restaurants and hotels, to art galleries and tourist attractions. To put in to perspective how big it is, the tallest lighthouse in the UK is Skerryvore, and that’s 48 metres high.


The Spa at the Shard is part of the Shang-ri-la hotel complex, one of the most high-end hotels in the city. If you have a fear of heights we wouldn’t advise going here as having a massage in your room while looking out at the view of London can get a bit disorientating.

Spa days in London don’t get much more luxurious than this.  With suites averaging £3,000  a night, you know you’re getting the best of everything staying here. Now the hotel doesn’t have a dedicated spa, but instead only provides spa treatments to guests in their rooms. They have a dedicated masseuse on site to come and stretch you out whenever you need and a team of beauticians that will make sure you are pampered to the nth degree.

What impresses (and slightly freaks me out) the most though is the swimming pool. It’s located on the 52nd floor and is the highest pool in Western Europe. And it isn’t a dinky little paddling pool either. You can get in a few good lengths first thing in the morning. Luckily the sides and bottom aren’t glass or else I’d think there would be a lot of people having panic attacks mid-butterfly.


But what qualifies the Shard to be included on our site when it isn’t a traditional light house? Well if you’re lucky to be in town , on occasion the entire building will turn one massive light display at night. Because the entire facade of the building fro top to bottom is covered in 11,000 custom made glass panels, it makes for the perfect building to use as one massive light.

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