Simple Greek Style

I know we usually focus on light houses when it comes to our site. But it would be criminal to ignore the beautiful coastal style of the Greek islands found in the Aegean Sea. Read on to find out more.


The traditional Greek home look is boxy square one-two storey buildings that don’t really have any frills. And yet in their simplicity they are absolutely beautiful. Typically they are decorated with chalky white whitewash that reflects the strong Mediterranean sun keeping the homes lovely and cool in the fiercely hot summer months. These simple white homes all offer the perfect foil to the stunning white churches with their striking bright blue domes after the Greek Orthodox style.


You may wonder where this sudden love for the simple Greek coastal architecture came from, and it’s actually after I enjoyed a beach holiday to Kos, which is a lovely island in the south-eastern Aegean Sea. The beaches and scenery are so beautiful, that the homes simply need no adornment. When you consider the amazing views that can be had just from looking out your kitchen window, it seems silly to try and improve on the beauty that nature has laid out at your feet. With shining sun and the sparkling sea what more can you ask for?


As you can tell, we’ve been a bit inspired following this trip to Greece and have had a think about how I can incorporate elements of this Greek simplicity into my own style. First of all I love the bright white palette with flashes of that lovely blue and am thinking to paint one of my own rooms in this colour with blue trimmings. I’m thinking that not only will it make the room seem bigger, but it will also make it lighter too. And as lighthouse fans, we of course love that coastal look!

So dear readers don’t forget to keep an eye out for inspiration wherever you are; you might just be surprised where it strikes you next!


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