Qatar Lighthouses

Qatar is a fantastic country for those looking for lighthouses in places you wouldn’t necessarily expect to find one and its capital, Doha, is a peninsula making it the ideal hunting ground.

For those who don’t know exactly where Doha is located, the capital city is located right on the lip of the country which itself sits in the south of Gulf.

There are a number of impressive new stadiums being built in time for the games and there are also some fantastic sights for visitors to the country. One of the more popular things to see and do in Doha is visit a performance of the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra who perform around the country to crowds. The Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra are popular with locals and tourists alike and usually have a pretty impressive schedule.

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For those looking to make the most of the lighthouses here you can search out the following and, as ever, we would love to see any pictures you take.

Ra’s Umm Ḩaşāh (Al Ghariya)01

A rarity in that is an exposed lighthouse with relatively easy access to get to (well as long as you have a ladder). It sits on the beach atop a concrete base. The lighthouse gives off a white flashing light every few seconds.

Ra’s al Maţbakh

You can just about make it out from the image above, but this type of lighthouse is a very common sight on the shores surrounding Doha. The Ra’s al Maţbakh tower is a fibreglass structure and again uses a simple flashing light from an exposed tower.

Lightfloat Doha

Hard to get a photo of this lighthouse out in the water as it’s only accessible by boat. I’ve read that if you’re flying in to the airport on a clear day and the sun isn’t too bright, you can easily make it out in the water upon approach.

Ḩālat Umm al Khayfān

You can see in this photo why the lighthouses sit so far out from the shore. The water for a up to 10km out from the coastline can be much shallower then expected, posing a logistic nightmare for some larger vessels looking to get in to port. Lighthouses like Ḩālat Umm al Khayfān (its the one on the right) help avert disaster.

Jazīrat Ḩālūl


Sitting atop a small docking island about 50 miles east of Doha, Jazīrat Ḩālūl is a small but mighty lighthouse helping ships carrying out have somewhere off land to dock for extended periods. The lighthouse is unmanned and operates with light working at 12 second intervals.


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