Lighthouses of Lake Geneva

So the land locked country of Switzerland in the heart of Europe may not actually have any sea coasts, but it does boast many lakes including the country’s largest and one of the biggest in Western Europe, Lake Geneva.

Found on the border between Switzerland and France, this lake boasts some petite but none-the-less beautiful lighthouses for the boats and travellers found on this lovely lake. Although the French word for a lighthouse is usually phare, in this French-speaking part of Switzerland these little lighthouses are more commonly referred to as feu, which means fire.

Mostly dating from the 19th Century, the largest of these lighthouses is the Les Paquis Light which is located on the waterfront in downtown Geneva. Completed in 1896, it is a lovely spot to visit if you are visiting Geneva. The largest lighthouse on the lake measuring in at around 17m, it is a popular photo subject for visitors and inhabitants alike.


Other lighthouses are more modest in size at around 10m tall and include the Jetée du Nord and the Jetée du Sud amongst others. Located on jetties and picturesquely quaint, see if you can find them if you are touring around the lake.

The lighthouses of Lake Geneva just prove that wherever there is a large amount of water, there will be a lighthouse, so keep a look out for this miniature but lovely versions if you get the chance.

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