Amazing Lighthouses Around the World

Once a functional necessity for shipping and transport, many of them now stand as tributes to our island nation’s rich maritime heritage. Of late many have been converted into domestic dwellings that boast spectacular coastal views. There are however still a very great many which are still in service and serve a greatly important purpose. Here is a list of the ones which we think are the coolest of the ‘sailors best friends’.

This is the Enoshima lighthouse in Japan which was renovated to its current state in 2003 much to our delight.



The Torre De Hercules was originally build by the Romans and is still in use today. It holds the title as the world’s oldest working lighthouse.



The Madang lighthouse in Papua New Guinea was originally built a a monument to commemorate the coast watchers of the second world war, it may be small but it produces an impressive light beam.



Built in 1958 the Yokohama Marine Tower in Japan once sported the title as the tallest lighthouse in the world and quickly became a local landmark.



The Greek island of Lemnos is home to a number of beautiful lighthouses. The image below is the lighthouse on the Myrina Castle. You can find out a bit more about this wonderful holiday destination and its coastal history as well as Mark Warner Holidays and deals by following this link –


Holidays are always such a great opportunity to discover and learn about light houses because coastal locations are so often preferred by the majority of holiday goers.

The next time you are going away somewhere on holiday whether it is somewhere in Europe or further afield see if you can discover some lighthouses and send your images in to us to share.

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