Wonderful and Unusual Holiday Homes – Part 2

We have looked at a selection of interesting holiday homes before, the following are highly sought after and frequented by celebrities from all over the world. These high end destinations offer the kind of breaks that most people can only dream of.

Italian Trulli – These remarkable stone huts with conical roofs which were very popular in Italy throughout the 19th century. They are typically located in the Apulia region of the country. These properties are extremely popular with tourists as they are seen as authentic, historical buildings. There are many of these properties available to rent for a holiday, however, if you plan on buying a Trullo, you must adhere to strict guidelines when restoring it as all authentic Trulli are certified world heritage sites, certified by UNESCO.


Tree Houses – Tree houses aren’t just for kids playing in the back garden any more, luxury tree houses are big business. Eva Longoria stayed in a luxury tree house in Brittany during her honeymoon. Tree houses are perfect for those who like a bit of adventure.


Converted Mills – There are lots of different converted mills in Europe, especially in France. These provide authentic holiday getaways and are a brilliant choice for families or large parties.


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