Wonderful and Unusual Holiday Homes – Part1

There are many interesting holiday homes unique to a certain area or country that might appeal to you. Take a look at some of the wonderful examples below.

Moroccan Riads – A Moroccan riad is a traditional palace built around an interior garden or courtyard. The idea of a riad comes from Islamic beliefs concerning privacy, and they offer a haven to protect residents from the weather. Riads have recently seen a surge in popularity, in large towns and cities such as Marrakesh where old crumbling riads have been restored into luxury properties. Property developer Grant Rowlings has been instrumental in the restoration of many riads for sale in Morocco. At the bottom of the riad courtyard, there is usually a water feature. This serves a design purpose, but it also instrumental in cooling the air.


Châteaux – I am sure you have dreamed, at least once, about living in a castle. Well, now you can… at least for your holidays. You can find various different sites on-line that rent out the different châteaux in France. The only catch is you’ll need to have several thousand pounds saved up!


Spanish Fincas – Finca is Spanish for estate; however the term has recently taken on the meaning of a holiday home. The large farmhouse or cottage is accompanied by a large tract of land, similar to an estate in the UK. This type of accommodation is perfect for a large family holiday as it offers freedom and privacy.


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